Household Appliances

HORIZONT -  is a well-known Belarusian brand specializing on the production of household appliances. Today, many consumers prefer the domestic producer, as the low price and convenient technique of a decent quality which is proved in the market no worse than foreign analogues and competitors.


TVs have become an integral part of human life, making it more comfortable and interesting thanks to its ever-expanding possibilities. At present , kinescopes’ TVs are practically replaced by plasma model LED and LCD TVs.

Vacuum Cleaner

Cyclonic vacuum cleaners - it's more high-end models come with no bag, and a special container for the dust, which can be easily removed and cleaned and unlike vacuum cleaners with bags does not require replacement


The Multi – cooker is a universal kitchen machine that cooks in fried, boiled, steamed and baked way, and also has the capability of cooking with the help of steam.

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