Since 2008,  Unitary Enterprise "Plant Belit"  has been producing rag, which fully complies with the quality of standards which laid down to TC BY 300077737.028-2010, and health safety requirements. Many years our rag takes leading places in the markets of the European countries, CIS countries and the Russian Federation.

Our customers have repeatedly noted the excellent properties of our fabric while soaking in oil, grease, dust removal, fluids, water, and thus the absence of villi and other particles of dirt after work on any surface.


Our rag is universal and practical!

Clothing, used, pre-sorted, is disinfected and comes to us from Europe for processing. All raw is carefully sorted for items such as knitwear, cotton, flannel, terry, linen and standard, as well as the tissue is sorted by color and light. And our workers remove all the extra items that are not related to textiles, such as buttons, buckles, leather, feathers, shoulder straps and other items of similar products. For the convenience of the customer all items of clothing are cut to pieces of dimensional sizes from 40x40 cm.

Finally, we get qualitative and easy to use the rag, which is compressed by the industry of 10 kg and packed in such a way as to prevent the ingress of dust, dirt and moisture. Package can be easily transported and stored compactly, which is important for the optimization of the logistics process. This is due to the weight of the minimum rate of sale and shipment to the customer. Besides, lading and discharging does not require additional lifting equipment. Each bale is marked by self-adhesive tag that lists the details of the seller in the region with the address and telephone number.

Taking into account the process of sorting, the rag is divided into different price categories depending on the material from which the rag is made. A wide range can satisfy the needs of customers in different business areas, from large industrial plants to small commercial organizations.

Our rag can be used in various ways:

  • for cleaning machines and other technical equipment for large and small industries;
  • using at the service station to clean the car or auto parts from technical oil and other chemical contaminants;
  • the removal of oil and chemical contaminants, dust and dirt of various origin;
  • cleaning of industrial, office and living spaces and help to keep the workplace in a clean way;
  • cleaning windows, mirrors, glass facades and other similar items;
  • in building sphere to activate clean tool or to prepare the surfaces to painting and decorating;
  • cleaning and preparation work for painting of different designs and surfaces;
  • and in other various ways.

The advantages of working with us:

  • proper certified production;
  • reputation as a reliable and responsible partner that is accumulated by experience and professional approach;
  • highly qualified staff;
  • flexible system of payment and discounts for regular customers;
  • high-quality raw materials are carefully selected, from which the wiper rag is made;
  • modern German equipment in production halls.

We offer flexible conditions of cooperation to each customer with attentive and personal approach. We look forward to working with you!


T-shirts, sweaters, thin hoodies, sweatshirts of medium thickness, thick sweatshirts, hosiery


Shirts, blouses, dresses, aprons, skirts, tablecloths, pants (only thin), dressing gowns, fine spec. clothes etc.


Dressing gowns, towels, bedding and mattress covers etc.


Dressing gowns, shirts, pajamas


Duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases, mattress covers


Denim (up to 30% per pack), velvetknitted, synthetic, blended fabrics (thick products).

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