Included products
Denim (up to 30% per pack), velvetknitted, synthetic, blended fabrics (thick products).

Fabric composition
Any, except :

  • Silk synthetic natural;
  • guipure lace, mesh, sewing, knitting thin;
  • Synthetic smooth slippery knitwear;
  • 100% synthetic product with a clear gloss;
  • Felt, wool;
  • Knitted synthetic clothes;
  • clothes that are quilted on cotton;
  • clothes with tight synthetic filament (type lurex);
  • Items that are made from the artificial fur with a large pile.

Irregularly shaped pieces ranging in size from 40 cm. to 60 cm. Tolerance of pieces of 20x20, 20x30, 30x30, 30x40, but not more than 5% in briquette.


CottonFlannelKnitwearLinen, Terry 

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