Vacuum Cleaner

At our plant the production of classic vacuum cleaner with a bag - dust collector (disposable or reusable) is mastered, such models are cheap and are very widespread and easy to use and easy to clean.

VCB 1800-01

The cyclone vacuum cleaners – is a model of a higher class, it is equipped with not a bag, but with  a special container for the dust, which can be easily removed and cleaned and unlike vacuum cleaners with bags does not require replacement.

The qualitative body material and assembling, comfortable and durable fixtures and fittings of the hose, low noise, cope with any type of surface (carpet, floor), qualitative filter, which directly affects the durability of the engine, and the purity of the air which is blown by vacuum cleaner, compact design and the ease of use – all these features distinguish the  vacuum cleaners HORIZONT.

As well as the products with aqua - filtering that are the most advanced nowadays, allowing to carry out wet and dry cleaning. Originally , these vacuum cleaners were designed for hospitals, special production, laboratories. And nowadays they  have become a part of the everyday life of modern man.

Steel telescopic wand, automatic cord winder, comfortable and functional handle with power regulation, high-quality filtration system Hepa, removable attachments for different types of surface and attractive design of our vacuum cleaners will make your life easier.

And besides the standard functions of a vacuum cleaner, consisting in the cleaning, this vacuum cleaner moisturizes and refreshes the air in the room, which is an advantage.

Four titles are represented at our plant, providing all modern requirements for quality, as evidenced by a certificate of conformity,  with an attractive appearance and provide effective cleaning thanks to:

  • a high suction power;
  • a low noise level;
  • a convenient design of the vacuum cleaner;
  • a self power regulation;
  • a set of additional functional attachments;
  • an effective filtration system.

To buy vacuum cleaners HORIZONT is available in any shop of home appliances. And remember the best vacuum cleaner - is that  one that is comfortable for you!

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