Cloth non-woven needle-punched

The non-woven needle-punched fabric (batting) is made of regenerated fiber, with a content of 60% cotton and 40% synthetic fibers. The canvas is produced with a density of 250 g / m2, 400 g / m2, 500 g / m2, 600 g / m2 in rolls with a width of 60 cm, 150 cm, 210 cm. The length of the roll is 40 meters.

The nonwoven needle-punched fabric very well retards heat and has low shrinkage values.


  • In furniture production - in the manufacture of orthopedic and frame (spring) mattresses, upholstered furniture
  • In the garment industry - as a heater for workwear, for the manufacture of hats, etc.
  • As a heat and soundproof material and interior trim in the automotive industry
  • Warming of doors. When decorating steel doors, batting acts as a heat and soundproof layer.
  • Building area. Insulation is used for the organization of thermal insulation of floors, partitions, ventilated roofs.
  • Gardening. Suitable for germination of seeds of vegetable, berry, flower and fruit crops. Excellent retains moisture and evenly gives it to the roots of plants.
  • Packaging. During transportation, the soft batting protects the equipment and furniture from damage. Cloths are used for packing hardware, steel ropes, technical equipment.

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