Cloth nonwoven

Non-woven needle-punched cloth (batting) is made of regenerated fiber, containing 60 % cotton and 40 % synthetic fibers. The canvas is available in a density of 250 g / m2, 400 g/ m2, 500 g / m2, 600 g/m2 in rolls with a width of 60 cm, 150 cm, 210 cm. The length of the roll is 40 meters.
The non-woven needle-punched fabric retains heat very well and has low shrinkage rates.


in the furniture industry – in the manufacture of orthopedic and frame (spring) mattresses, upholstered furniture;
in the clothing industry – as a heater for workwear, in the manufacture of hats, etc.;
as a heat and sound insulation material and interior trim in the automotive industry
, door insulation. When decorating steel doors, batting acts as a heat and sound insulation layer;
construction area. The insulation is used in the organization of thermal insulation of floors, partitions, ventilated roofs;
gardening. Suitable for germinating seeds of vegetable, berry, flower and fruit crops . Perfectly retains moisture and evenly gives it to the roots of plants;
packaging. During transportation, soft batting protects appliances and furniture from damage. Webs are used for packaging hardware, steel ropes, and technical equipment.

We are also ready to offer you regenerated fiber for stuffing mattresses.
The regenerated fiber is pressed into a polypropylene bag of 100-150 kg with a price of 450 rubles per 1 ton.