Metal structures

The latest technologies and materials are used for metal processing, which guarantees the quality of the products. Processing, cutting and cutting of metal is carried out only on modern equipment. Metal cutting and milling work takes place on modern CNC machines, as well as turning and welding of metal.

For the production of metal structures, our company has all the necessary metal-cutting and welding equipment.

UE “PLANT BELIT” produces the following range of metal structures:

Chopping knives

The production unitary enterprise “Plant Belit” has mastered the production of a new type of product-Chopping knives and knives for chopping machines. All knives are made of steel 6XC, 9XC, 6XV2C, if necessary, can be made of other types of steel. The hardness of the knives is 52-60 HRC, the heat treatment is carried out in a special oven. The high quality of this type of product is due to the special manufacturing technology.


Every lover of active pastime understands the value of such a device as a barbecue.With it, you can quickly and easily prepare fish, meat, vegetable or mushroom kebabs.


We make fences.

Gazebos and benches

We offer to Your attention ergonomic gazebos and benches for the comfort and convenience around Your home (garden).

Profitable service-we work according to the customer’s sketches!

Stairs and fences

We make stairs and fences.

Visors and grilles for protection

Currently, in addition to its protective function, the visors should fit seamlessly into the overall appearance of the entire building.


Modern gates are an important architectural solution, as they allow the passage of transport and, therefore, must be functional


Canopies are similar to canopies, but have different sizes and correspondingly much greater functionality.

Containers and bins for garbage

We have created street urns so that it is convenient to use and easy to maintain them.

Parking barriers

Parking barriers are used to reserve parking space near buildings, structures, as well as to prevent passage through a pedestrian or residential area.

Grinding operations

The company produces work: processively, trogossitinae, grinding cylinder head, sharpening knives.

Stops and other metal structures

Also, along with the products already listed, we offer decorative elements of landscaping and metal structures, both standard and custom-made.

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