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Happy New Year!!!

Let the year of the Bull be a powerful leap forward for you, because the bull is a strong animal that goes ahead without noticing obstacles! Let perseverance in achieving your goals help you overcome any obstacles on the way, and move inexorably towards your dream! Let your health be strong, your will be unyielding, your happiness is unconditional, and your energy is overflowing! Have a good and successful year!

Purchase of textile products

We offer cooperation in the field of purchasing used textiles intended for recycling (uniforms, shirts, trousers, bed linen, towels, blankets, mattress pads, hospital and medical gowns, curtains, bedspreads, etc.) on a paid or free basis. Export can be carried out by own transport of UE “Plant Belit”. 

Contacts for information: 
Tel +375(2155) 25346

Happy Mother’s Day!

The collective of UE “Plant Belit” congratulates on Mother’s Day!

Decorative grill

Massive structure, installed on a solid foundation. The material for it is brick, stone, metal in different combinations. It can become a small architectural form on your dacha plot 

Construction dimensions: 225х105х250 sm 
Dimensions of the brazier: 100х30х20 sm 

The price of the product 870 bel rub. with NDS 
Phone number for inquiries +375(2155) 4-16-73

Hunting tower

The unitary enterprise “Plant Belit” implements a prototype of the product “Hunting Tower”.

It is intended for observation of wild animals, their accounting, photographing ambush and shooting.

Product material pine;
Dimensions 200x116x210 cm;
The height of the legs is 300 cm, the ability to change the height of the legs depending on the needs.
The set includes a ladder.

The price of the product  710 bel rub. with NDS

Phone number for inquiries +375(2155) 4-16-73.

Changing bank details

In connection with the cooperation with JSC “ASB Belarusbank”
we inform you about the change of our banking details:

r/s VU91AKVV30120900544552300000 in CBU No. 230 of branch No. 216
JSC “ASB Belarusbank” ul. Yubileynaya, 2a, 211875,
Postavy, Vitebsk region. Code AKBBBY21216, UNP 300077737

Site update

Good time of day.
We are pleased to present our updated website for you.

We made this decision, because the old site did not meet modern trends and was inferior in functionality.

What changed after the update:
New convenient and modern website design;
Finally, there is a mobile version adapted to all types of devices.

We will not rest on our laurels and will develop our site further.