Small architectural forms

Small architectural forms and elements of landscaping — modern material for covering sidewalks, streets and approaches to the building.
When planning the arrangement of garden paths on your site, you always want to create functional and at the same time beautiful elements of landscape design. The material for garden paths can serve as wooden saws, natural stone, gravel…

But still the most popular among the owners of their own homes as a covering for playgrounds and paths are the elements of landscaping that have an attractive appearance and excellent quality characteristics:

  • ease of installation;
  • ability to repair individual fragments;
  • long service life;
  • frost resistance and wear resistance of the coating.

UE “Plant Belit” produces small architectural forms and elements of landscaping in the following range:

  • Decorative one-way block
  • Block resistant
  • Gutter
  • Tile ” Wave”
  • Tile ” Shingle”
  • Kaleidoscope tile
  • Tile ” California”
  • Tile ” Brick” 
  • Tile ” Clover”
  • Tile ” Brick” 
  • Tile ” Well”
  • Tile ” Plate 40×40″
  • Tile ” Turtle”
  • Tile ” Scales”

We offer you to buy products directly from the manufacturer, which will cost you much cheaper, also all the products of the company pass the necessary quality checks, and all the elements can be made to order in different colors.

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